Getting America to Work (GATW) is a national coalition of over 100 transit agencies, commuter advocacy organizations and business groups that support vital investments in public transit. We advocate for the capital funding necessary to bring all of America's public transit systems into a state of good repair. This investment will preserve and create the jobs and economic development transit supports.

GATW's membership is diverse and comprehensive, representing transit agencies coast to coast - from the largest cities to small, rural communities. Collectively, we represent tens of millions of commuters who rely on public transportation to get them to work, school, the doctor and everywhere in between.

The GATW coalition and its advocates played an important role during the passage of the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act in 2015, the first long-term funding package for surface transportation in over a decade. The coalition will similarly be an important voice advocating for long-term, strategic funding for public transportation as Washington considers a major national infrastructure investment package.