Learn about the critical need for increased public transportation investments across the country and in your community by using the resources provided here.
This is a national issue.


Whether you are a construction worker, commuter, environmental advocate or business owner, investment in public transit improves your quality of life.

  • Investing in public transportation creates jobs – every $1 billion in public transportation capital investment supports nearly 24,000 jobs.
  • Adult couples can save over $6,000 per year compared to an equivalent household with two cars and no access to public transportation service.
  • Public transportation usage means 108 million fewer cars are filling up with gasoline and reducing air pollution each year.

Needed Funding

These benefits could soon be compromised by federal funding insufficient to repair and replace the aging trains, buses and bridges currently operating around the country. According to the Federal Transit Authority, the cost of getting transit systems across the country into a state of good repair is almost $78 billion.

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