Public Transportation Important for Employment

A new study has found that many people in the greater New Haven area depend on public transportation as their only way to get around, which means they must take jobs located along bus lines.

“Currently, I have people who live in certain neighborhoods in New Haven, if they’re going to work for example out at the mall in Milford, it takes them an hour and half to get to work, and to get home late at night,” said New Haven Mayor Toni Harp.

Harp said residents need access to timely transportatino, not only within the city but outside in the suburbs.

“We’re looking at all forms of transportation, CT Rides as well as CT Transit and other types of transportation to assure that we can come up with new ways to get people to work,” said Harp.

New Haven is also conducting its own transportation study independent of the report from the South Central Regional Council of Governments.