Santa Cruz Metro Joins National Transit Coalition

Washington, D.C. – Getting America To Work (GATW) today announced that Santa Cruz Metro has become the latest organization to join its coalition working to increase federal funding for public transit. Santa Cruz Metro joins over 100 other transit agencies, organizations, and councils of government calling for a long-term transportation policy that will support jobs and economic growth in communities both large and small throughout the nation.

“Santa Cruz Metro is honored and excited to be joining the Getting America To Work coalition to support its mission to procure more federal funding for public transportation and to bring our nation’s public transportation into a state of good repair,” said Alex Clifford, CEO of Santa Cruz Metro. “As the deadline for passing a transportation bill approaches at the end of this month, Congress has the opportunity to stimulate massive job growth by enhancing support for public transportation in places like Santa Cruz. I look forward to working with my Getting America To Work colleagues to demonstrate to Congress the importance of a long-term transportation plan to our region and communities across the nation.”

Getting America to Work (GATW) is a broad coalition of commuters, business groups, officials and transportation agencies that support vital investments in public transit. For more information, visit